Police: Child Sex Predators Nabbed In Covert Operations

The Fostoria Police Division has been conducting special covert operations as part of the national program Internet Crimes Against Children, also known as ICAC, over the last 10 months.

Fostoria Police Officer Kyle Reinbolt, who has led all of the investigations, has arrested and charged 15 different suspects during the operations.

The investigations led to numerous charges of Attempted Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Importuning, and Disseminating Harmful Material to a Juvenile.

During the operations, Officer Reinbolt had contact with the suspects online and through texting – posing as a child – and was sought out by the suspects to engage in sexual conduct.

“There is no greater threat to our community, than those who prey upon our children,” said Fostoria Police Chief Gabe Wedge.

“We will continue to go after and apprehend these individuals, whether online or in person; giving them each their day in court, but most importantly bringing them into the light, so the community knows!”

The chief said, while most of the subjects have been convicted and sentenced, some still have pending court cases and will be afforded their due process.

Click here for a look at the suspects arrested.