Police Standoff Ends Peacefully In Findlay

The Findlay Police Department took a man into custody after being engaged in a standoff with the individual.

It happened in the 1800 Block of Bishop Lane.

Police said they received a call Tuesday morning about gunshots being heard coming from the residence.

Police responded and tried to get the man to come out but he refused.

Police told the man they obtained a search warrant for discharging a firearm within city limits and needed to enter the house.

The man refused to let them enter and after trying to convince the man to come out for several hours police could be seen entering the house and a few minutes later walking out with the man.

Police said the man told police that he had been setting off firecrackers in his backyard, and remnants of exploded firecrackers were found in the yard. 

Police searched the home and no firearms were found. 

Lt. Morey, in the video below, said the man has a history of mental illness and they will get him the help he needs.

The man was booked at the Hancock County Jail for obstructing official business and will undergo a mental health screening.