Powerful Line Of Storms Causes Some Damage

That strong line of storms that pushed through the area on Wednesday brought down some trees and power lines around Findlay.

Justin lives on Blue Bonnet Drive and had just put away the outside furniture and was starting on dinner when the storm arrived and took out part of a tree in his front yard.

“We heard the wind pick up outside and I could see the tree start blowing and literally watched it blow right down.”

The tree took out a power line to a street light but he says his house never lost power.

“I’m just glad nobody got hurt and it didn’t damage the house.”

Justin says he has a wood-burning stove so now he’ll have plenty of wood for when winter rolls around.

He says his daughter got a kick out of the tree falling and was excited to tell the story on the phone to her grandfathers.

On the other side of town from Justin’s house, West Main Cross was shut down from a tree across the road.

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