Public Encouraged To Welcome Veterans Home From D.C. Trip

Flag City Honor Flight, the Findlay-based hub of the National Honor Flight Network, will fly 87 Vietnam-era Veterans and their Guardians to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

A total of 182 people will be on the flight.

This is Flag City Honor Flight’s third and final trip of 2022.

This flight has been sponsored Ohio Logistics, which is based in Findlay.

“We wouldn’t be making this flight if not for the generosity of our corporate sponsor Ohio Logistics,” says Flag City Honor Flight Executive Director Bob Weinberg.

“We’re grateful for their commitment to honoring our Veterans and hopeful that this first corporate-sponsored all Vietnam-era flight might lead to other businesses coming forward to sponsor future all Vietnam-era flights.”

People are encouraged to attend the welcome home celebration at 9:30 Tuesday night, November 1st at the Grand Aire Hangar, located at 11777 West Airport Service Road in Swanton.

Flag City Honor Flight points out that for many of these Vietnam-era Veterans, it will be the first time they’ve received such a homecoming since their service.

Many returned home to anger and animosity due to the difficult climate as the Vietnam War concluded.