Putnam County Residents Reminded Of New 4-Way Stop

Putnam County residents are being reminded about a new four-way stop in the southwestern portion of the county.

The engineer’s office said, due to numerous crashes over the last several years, the Putnam County Commissioners passed a resolution to make the intersection of Old State Route 12 and Township Road 17-S a four-way stop.

During the week of April 24th, the Putnam County Engineer’s Office will be installing ‘stop’ signs, ‘stop ahead’ signs with spinners, and temporary advanced warning rumble strips on Old State Route 12 to help motorists know they need to stop.

“Even while continuing to stop on Township Road 17-S, be mindful that cross-traffic may not be used to the new stop signs on Old State Route 12,” said Putnam County Engineer Michael Lenhart.

“Please make sure cross-traffic is coming to a stop before you enter the intersection. Please remember this as you travel through the area. Thank you.”

(picture courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office)