Record Number Of Hotel Rooms Reserved In Findlay In May And June

7/28/17 – 9:57 A.M.

Good luck getting a hotel room in Findlay. The Hancock County Convention and Visitors Bureau says visitors to the area reserved a record number of hotel rooms in May and June. Director Alissa Preston says guests reserved around 30,000 rooms both months…

Audio:Alissa Preston

Preston says part of the increase is due to construction workers staying in the area for the I-75 widening project. She added that the University of Findlay graduation and summer sports tournaments drove up reservations in May and June as well.

Preston says more sports tournaments are on deck for the summer and into the fall.

The county collects a 6 percent bed tax on hotel reservations. That money helps benefit the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts and the Hancock County Agricultural Society.