Recycling Transition Underway In Hancock County

(From the Hancock County Solid Waste Management District)

The Hancock County Commissioners, with the cooperation and approval of the Hancock County Solid Waste Management District have contracted with a 3rd party service provider, Rumpke of Ohio, Inc., to provide new collection bins and collection services that will replace the existing units throughout the County.

The current 40 yd blue pre-sorted recycling units will be removed and replaced with single stream 8-cyd collection bins. These new collection bins do not require the public to separate the materials for donation and will be serviced by the contractor.

The Hancock County Solid Waste Management District will still oversee the program and we are confident that these units will be serviced timely and regularly by Rumpke, reducing the onsite debris and contamination.

This change in service will be a benefit to our community as well as an improvement to Hancock County residents’ ability to use the collection bins at any time or times that they choose.

We are attempting to coordinate the removal of the old bins with the delivery of the new bins at all locations that have been available in the past, though these efforts may not be seamless at every site.

We are asking for your patience and understanding during this program transition. There may be delays or short interruptions in your ability to recycle at remote locations however recycling units will be available at all customary locations within a few days of removal of the old bins, at most.

Please be patient as we work together to improve the servicing of your recycling needs. The transition of units may take a few days, however remote recycling will be continuing.

With your continued support, we believe this recycling opportunity will make the recycling process easier and simpler for the public, promote the growth of the local recycling efforts, and further efforts to protect our environment.

In the midst of this transition period, please do not leave your recyclables on the ground in the absence of a collection unit.

If you encounter no bins at any of the usual remote recycling locations, the Litter Landing Facility, 1720 E. Sandusky Street, Findlay, has updated Rumpke bins in place to collect your materials during the transition.

Or, you can just wait a few days for the delivery of new bins to the site you are used to using.

Finally, please be aware that a county-owned empty lot at the northwest corner of East Main Cross Street and South Blanchard Street is being used for the storage of the old collection bins before they are disposed of. This is not a new collection site. Please refrain from leaving your recycling at this location, either in or out of the bins.

Again, thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this transition. We look forward to continually working with you to provide recycling opportunities for our neighbors.