Red Cross Director Rejoining Hurricane Relief Effort

The Executive Director of the American Red Cross of North Central Ohio is rejoining the ongoing Hurricanes Ian and Nicole relief operation in Florida.

Todd James will be serving as the Assistant Director of External Relations, helping coordinate efforts with local, state and federal partners in assisting families affected by storm with their ongoing recovery needs. This is James’ second deployment to Florida for this event. In October he served as the Public Affairs Chief for the relief operation.

Months after Hurricanes Ian and Nicole devastated Florida, Red Cross disaster workers are still on the ground there, making it possible to provide recovery assistance to people impacted by these massive, destructive storms.

Relief organizations, including the Red Cross, are striving to help people who don’t have homes to return to and our workers are connecting with people still in shelters to help them plan for the future and make housing arrangements.

These arrangements will look different for each person. For example, some people may choose to live with friends or family while they rebuild. Others will move into new apartments. And some will be helped through transitional sheltering or other housing programs offered by government agencies and other community organizations. Depending on the circumstances, this may include financial assistance.

Red Cross teams have completed nearly 240,000 door-to-door detailed residential assessments, including how many homes have been affected and the extent of that damage. This is one of the largest damage assessments the Red Cross has ever undertaken.

Since shelters were opened for this disaster, the Red Cross and our partners have provided more than 60,000 overnight stays for more than 6,800 residents in more than 85 emergency shelters.

With the help of partners, the Red Cross has provided more than 1.7 million meals and snacks. We have also distributed more than 404,000 relief items including comfort kits and other supplies.

Currently, there are more than 100 trained Red Cross disaster workers still on the ground making it possible to provide recovery assistance to Floridians. Since September 23, the operations have been supported by more than 3,500 trained Red Cross disaster workers.