Republican Senate Candidate Speaks In Findlay

3/6/18 – 5:00 A.M.

Hancock County Republicans heard from a GOP candidate for Senate during their annual Lincoln Day Dinner Monday. Congressman Jim Renacci talked about the importance of challenging Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown for his seat.

The Courier reports Renacci talked about what he called Brown’s liberal voting record. Renacci says Ohio is a center-right state, but Brown’s voting record doesn’t reflect that. He added, “I know his voting record and I will compare my voting record to his voting record any day, and in the end, we will be able to make a big difference.”

Renacci also said Democrats are spending big money to try and swing some important positions in Ohio when it comes to redistricting. He said if Brown doesn’t have a strong competitor, he can use his campaign money to influence those races.

Renacci is running in a crowded primary. There are four other people running in the Republican primary.

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