Riverside Pool Posts Loss For 2017 Season

11/17/17 – 6:50 A.M.

The cost of running the swimming pool at Riverside park continues to go up. The Courier reports numbers from the Findlay YMCA show it cost nearly $102,000 to run the pool this year. In return, the pool collected more than $68,000 in passes and concessions. The city reimburses the YMCA for losses up to $30,000. The Y runs the pool on behalf of the city.

YMCA executive director Brent Finlay says the pool has never been a money-maker. The best year of operations under YMCA management was 2011. The pool still lost nearly $10,000 that year.

Finlay adds the pool is a great service to the community.

Finlay tells the newspaper they don’t want to lose money, but they also want to keep prices low. Right now it costs $2 for a youth pass, and $4 for an adult pass.