Scammers Getting Bolder By Coming To Your Door

08/03/17 – 11:08 A.M.

Scammers are getting bolder according to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. In a Facebook post, they talked about an open investigation from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. A scammer called to tell a woman she is accused of tax fraud. Another man dressed up as an officer showed up at her door while she was on the phone.

She was told to follow the officer to Findlay to resolve the matter. The woman followed them to the area of Best Buy, where she determined it was a scam.

The scammers called her using the phone number 202-455-4956. The man dressed as an officer was around 6 feet tall and weighed between 180 and 200 pounds. He was dressed in a brown uniform and the victim couldn’t tell if he had a gun or not.