Several Issues Will Be On Hancock County Ballots This Fall

8/10/17 – 4:59 A.M.

Wednesday was the deadline to put issues on the November ballot. Hancock County submitted paperwork for two sales tax issues. One issue asks voters to approve a 10-year, quarter-percent sales tax that the commissioners would earmark for flood mitigation. The second issue is a 20-year, quarter percent tax to pay for expanding the Hancock County Jail, and construction of a new county office building.

Elsewhere, Fostoria is asking voters to approve a five year, 6-mill levy for current expenses. It’s part of a five-year fiscal recovery plan for the city. The money would pay for safety services.

The Northwest Hancock Joint Fire District is asking residents to approve a five year, 2-mill levy for fire protection.

Mount Blanchard is placing a 2-mill, five-year levy for parks and recreational purposes.

The Appleseed Joint Ambulance District has a five-year, .6-mill levy for ambulance and emergency medical services.