Sheriff Surprised At Bank Robbery Suspect’s Bond

The Seneca County Sheriff took to social media to voice his surprise that a bank robbery suspect was given such a low bond.

“It has come to our attention today, and we have called and verified the info, that the suspected Bettsville bank robber, Gage Daniel Shafer Haws, was released on bond from a federal court detention hearing last week,” Sheriff Fred Stevens wrote.

“It was a very low bond and took the FBI by surprise as well, as the agent stated that the normal bond for a string of suspected bank robberies is typically pretty high. The breakdown in communication seems to be that the case is being run by the Toledo / Lima area agencies and none of us were notified of the change in his status to allow us to notify the victims or the community at large.”

“The suspected robber does not live in our county but that didn’t stop him from bringing crime to our county or the several other counties he is alleged to have robbed banks as well. So, as always, be aware of your surroundings and if you see anything suspicious don’t hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agency to check it out.”

Haws is suspected in several bank robberies in northwest Ohio, including one in Hancock County in Arlington.

He was arrested in February at a residence in Findlay.