Sheriff’s Office Urging Safe Driving During Harvest Season

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is reminding drivers to slow down and pay close attention this time of year due to the increase of farm equipment on the roadways for harvest season.

If you see the slow-moving vehicle emblem (SMV) – the neon orange triangle sign – on a piece of equipment, slow down and increase your distance.

This sign warns drivers of vehicles moving under 25 miles per hour.

If a farmer has pulled off to the side to allow you to pass, do so with caution and be sure there are no other obstacles in the way.

Never assume that a farm vehicle that pulls to the right side of the road is going to turn right or is letting you pass.

Due to the size of some farm machinery, the farmer must execute wide left-hand turns.

If you are unsure, check the operator’s hand signals and check the left side of the road for gates, driveways, or any place a farm vehicle may turn.

By allowing yourself extra time, passing with care, being patient and remaining visible this will greatly increase road safety for all vehicles during the harvest season.