Sheriff’s Office Warning Of Scam

(From the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office)

We are receiving more scam complaints involving people calling and claiming to be a family member and in jail and requesting bail money. A few things to watch for:

– No law enforcement agency, Local State or Federal will ask anyone to mail, UPS or Fed ex cash to them.

-They also will never ask you to get gift cards, apple cards, etc. and take those as payment.

-They will never ask you to lie to the bank, family or anyone else as to why you are withdrawing money or sending cash.

If anyone gets a call advising a family member or relative is in jail or in trouble, or someone is claiming to be this person, try and contact the relative member in question and/or contact the Putnam County OH Sheriffs Office, before sending any money to anyone or wiring money or paying with gift cards.