Sherrod Brown Talks With Local Officials About The Opioid Epidemic

08/08/18 – 7:32 P.M.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown was in Findlay to discuss the opioid epidemic and the workforce with several public officials. He said that he agrees with United Way’s John Urbanski that these issues are even bigger due to low wages.

Sherrod Brown

Brown said that he was impressed with the collaborations between different organizations in Findlay as well as the drug courts.

Sherrod Brown

He discussed other collaborations as well, such as Focus on Friends and Veterans Services and many of the things being done by United Way. He said that he wants the federal government to pass laws to make it easier to combine labor and care services.

Attendees also discussed the way confidentiality is handled for those suffering from addiction. Blanchard Valley Health Systems CEO Scott Malaney explained that federal laws say that treatment providers cannot tell others that these individuals are getting treatment. He said that this can affect the way they would receive care.