Signs Urge People To Be Mindful Of Veterans When Shooting Off Fireworks

The Hancock County Veterans Service Office is asking people to be more mindful with their fireworks over the 4th of July.

Executive Director Nichole Coleman says a lot of veterans struggle with the sound of fireworks, as do many people who experienced any type of trauma.

She says her office has been handing out signs that veterans can place in their yard, that let people know that a combat veteran lives at the residence and to be mindful when setting off fireworks in the neighborhood.

Coleman says her neighbor stopped by after seeing the sign in her yard.

She hopes the signs will not only help people become more mindful about setting off fireworks but also lead to people notifying the veteran who has one of the signs so they know what’s coming.

She says people can stop by their office at 1100 East Main Cross Street to pick up one of the signs or call 419-424-7036

Coleman says they’re always looking for an opportunity to interact with local veterans and encourages them to stop by their office to see if they’re getting all the benefits to which they are entitled.