State Representative Rob McColley Meets With Hancock County Commissioners

11/2/17 – 11:15 A.M.

One of the people vying to replace Cliff Hite in the Ohio Senate met with the Hancock County Commissioners today. State Representative Rob McColley told the commissioners he approaches legislation with an economic development mindset…

Audio:Rob McColley

McColley works with the Community Improvement Corporation of Henry County. He told the commissioners one of his big goals is to improve workforce development in the state.

Commissioner Brian Robertson asked State Representative Rob McColley about how he would keep the state from putting increasing burdens on local government…

Audio:Rob McColley

McColley adds he sees the impact of state legislation affect communities on the border with Indiana and Michigan in Williams County. For instance, McColley says raising the cigarette tax caused people to go across the border to by cigarettes and other items. That caused a drop in sales tax revenue in Williams County.

McColley currently represents the 81st House District in Northwest Ohio. It includes Putnam, Henry, Williams, and part of Fulton County.