Summer Is No Break For Findlay City Schools' Administrators

06/15/17 – 2:38 P.M.

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean time off for administrators at Findlay City Schools. Superintendent Ed Kurt said that there is plenty of construction going on at the high school.

Ed Kurt

He also said that they are working on moving the administrative offices out of the Washington Building. They need to make room for students because they are seeing a growth in classrooms. They are looking to move out behind the Great Scot on Broad Avenue.

Aside from construction and moving things around, Kurt said that they are working on implementing an innovation plan. Part of this is becoming a STEM certified district. He added that this won’t hurt kids that aren’t gifted in science, technology, or math.

Ed Kurt

Kurt added that they will add in a focus to the arts as well. This is because of the interests and participation that many students have in the arts.

The school will also allow young students to get a taste of their passions. Kurt said that part of their new innovation plan includes getting kids experience.

Ed Kurt

He added that they have students as young as third grade spend time in chemistry classes as well. Kurt said that building these interests can help children get focused on their education and set them up for success.