Sunny Farms Landfill Buys More Land In Seneca County

3/29/19 – 5:28 A.M.

The Sunny Farms Landfill has bought 180 acres of land next to their facility in Seneca County. The landfill says they’ll use soil from the land to cover trash and to create buffer areas at the landfill. Senior vice president of operations for the landfill Matthew Neely says “this land purchase is a strategic acquisition that will ensure we can manage the landfill to the best of our ability.”

Complaints about landfill operations have exploded over recent months. The facility sits around four miles south of Fostoria. Residents of the city say the smell from the landfill is overbearing at times. The Seneca County Board of Health has said they don’t plan to renew Sunny Farms’ operating license. The landfill has until Monday to appeal that decision.

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