Sunny Farms Landfill Hearing Likely To Take Place In July

4/11/19 – 6:54 A.M.

A hearing about the future of the Sunny Farms Landfill in Seneca County will likely happen in July. The board of health met Wednesday to narrow down dates. Attorney Joe Durham says he wants the hearing to start sometime between July 15th and July 29th. The procedure could take three or four days.

The board also accepted Columbus lawyer Peter Precario as the hearing officer. Lawyers for Sunny Farms objected, saying Precario can’t be unbiased because he represented the city of Moraine in a landfill odor case two years ago.

The Seneca County board of health will vote on the Sunny Farms landfill operating license after the summer hearing. Earlier this year they indicated they intended to deny the permit.

Many Fostoria residents say the smell from the landfill is overbearing. The facility sits four miles south of the city.

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