Sunrise Of Findlay Holds Halloween Event

Sunrise Senior Living in Findlay held a walk-around Halloween parade for residents who have been unable to have visitors because of the ongoing pandemic.

Typically, Sunrise has kids and families in for Trick-or-Treat but they couldn’t do that for the last two years.

Executive Director Stephanie Hight says, as part of the walk-around Halloween event on Friday, they had staff work with residents in making posters to place in their windows.

One poster read “Happy Halloween! I Love You! – Ardyth” and another said “Boo! Happy Halloween! Did I scare you? – Elnora.”

Family members and kids then went window to window in their costumes and waved to their loved ones inside.

“Lots of smiles and waves and blown kisses at us, so staff, residents and families alike all had a really great time,” Hight said.



Hight says, beginning Monday, they are expecting to allow visitors in once again.

Sunrise Senior Living is located at 401 Lake Cascades Parkway in Findlay.