‘The Big Shake’ Competition Underway At Findlay School

The eighth year of the Big Shake Competition is underway at Bigelow Hill Intermediate School in Findlay.

Principal Jennifer Theis says the activity helps students learn how to present themselves by making eye contact, having a good handshake and being able to carry on a conversation.

“It’s about students building their confidence and making a good first impression with a firm handshake and being able to make eye contact and hold a conversation with an adult,” Theis said.




Judges from Findlay City Schools administration and community representatives rate students on their handshakes, eye contact and body language.

Chick-fil-A is sponsoring the event and five finalists will be interviewed by the general manager of the Findlay restaurant and then three students will be selected to learn how to manage a business.

And then Chick-fil-A will determine the overall winner of the competition by the end of March and that student will be awarded a scholarship.

More pictures from the competition are in the post below from Findlay City Schools.