Too Much Trash, Not Enough Recyclables Brought To Litter Landing

1/18/18 – 1:12 P.M.

Litter Landing officials want you to bring your recyclables to them. However, officials say theyre getting many items that arent recyclable

Audio:Courtney Comstock

Courtney Comstock is the director of Litter Landing. She says they also don’t accept plastic grocery bags, which end up blowing out of the facility and into the Blanchard River.

Litter Landing accepts plastic types 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7. They dont take plastic types 4 and 6. You can check and items’ recycling logo to see its plastic type.

Litter Landing is also unable to accept glass right now. Thats because they dont have a vendor to process glass at this time.

The facility also needs more employees…

Audio:Courtney Comstock

Comstock says you can pick up an application at Litter Landing on East Sandusky Street.

She adds that while they do get community service referrals from the court, they need a consistent staff of full-time and part-time workers to sort recyclable items at the facility.