Tour Features Local Farms Diversity And New Projects

08/20/18 – 6:03 P.M.

There were several stops showcasing the diversity in agriculture business during a farm tour sponsored by the Findlay-Hancock County Chamber Agri-Business Committee. The tour showcased how farmers are trying to help protect nutrient runoff.

Aaron Heilers

Aaron Heilers is the project manager for Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network. He said that farmers can have soil samples taken to show how much nutrients are already in the soil and how much the farmer will need to buy.

The tour group also got to experience Ravenhurst Champagne Cellars in Mt. Victory. Chuck Harris explained that location can affect grapes, even if his vineyards aren’t that far apart.

Chuck Harris

He added that rainfall and temperatures also affect grapes differently than they do corn and soybeans. He said that to keep the grapes alive through the winter you need to have them root in the clay so that the cold doesn’t kill them. He also said that less rainfall leads to better grapes.

You can find all of the interviews from the tour on our facebook page.