Training Aimed At Improving Well-Being Of Youth In The Community

(From The Family Resource Center)

Family Resource Center is excited to announce a comprehensive training session on the Youth Thrive framework to be held on July 12, 2024 from 9am-4pm. The training will be offered in room 117 at The Family Center, 1800 North Blanchard Street, Findlay. Lunch will be provided for participants, and registration information is available at

Created by The Center for the Study of Social Policy, Youth Thrive is a research-informed framework that supports the healthy development of youth ages 9–26 by providing insights into brain and youth development based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive youth development, resilience, stress, and the impact of trauma on brain development.

Ashley Cheney, Youth Engagement Lead, says Youth Thrive identifies five key factors that increase the likelihood of adolescents developing into healthy adults.



These factors include:

    • Youth resilience • Social connections • Knowledge of adolescent development • Concrete support in times of need • Cognitive and social-emotional competence

Participants will delve into these factors, exploring the relationship between brain development, social and emotional growth, and how to leverage the critical learning period of adolescence.

This training is ideal for educators, social workers, policymakers, law enforcement personnel, and other direct-service workers. It aims to equip participants with the knowledge needed to understand young people better and promote their long-term well-being.