Treasurer’s Office Announces $15 Million Israel Bond Purchase

(From the Office of the Ohio Treasurer)

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague today announced the $15 million purchase of a two-year, fixed-rate Israel Bond.  

“Today’s purchase carries on Ohio’s long-standing tradition of investing in Israel Bonds,” said Treasurer Sprague. “With their strong, competitive interest rates and solid repayment history, these bonds continue to provide a valuable investment for Ohio.”  

The bond will mature in two years, on March 1, 2026, with an interest rate of 5.09%. Since Israel Bonds was established in 1951, Israel has maintained a perfect record of interest and principal payments. 

Since 1993, every Ohio Treasurer has invested in Israel Bonds, joining more than 115 other state and municipal public employee pension and treasury funds. After the purchase, the Ohio Treasury now holds a total of $262.5 million in Israel Bonds, continuing Ohio’s standing as one of the largest government holders of these bonds in the United States. This purchase brings Ohio’s total purchases to $327.5 million since Treasurer Sprague took office.