UF Donates Personal Protective Equipment To Area Hospitals

The University of Findlay is donating personal protective equipment to area hospitals in the battle against the coronavirus.

Since the university moved classes to remote learning, the need for experiential supplies has been reduced.

The health professions and science programs, among others, have a supply of PPE that students regularly use when on campus and learning using the hands-on approach that is the norm for labs and classes in those areas.

The university says departments aren’t depleting their resources but donating as much as they feel they can to still have some left.

The chemistry department, for instance, donated some of its inventory while leaving them enough to get through fall classes.

UF is donating some of its PPE to Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay, Wood County Hospital in Bowling Green and Mercy Health in Toledo.

The first bulk drop was made at BVH on Thursday, March 26th.