Unemployment Rates Show Decrease For Area Counties

12/28/17 – 10:29 A.M.

Unemployment numbers decreased for area counties in November. Hancock County has the fourth lowest in the state. The November unemployment rate for the county was 3.1, which is a decrease from 3.3 seen in October and the same time last year.

Putnam County had the second lowest unemployment rate in the state at 3.0. There was no change from October to November but the county had a decrease of .1 from the same time last year.

Wyandot County hit 3.1 in November. THat’s down from 3.2 in October and 3.4 this time last year. The unemployment rate decreased for Seneca County as well. They came in at 3.9. Allen and Hardin Counties were both over 4.0.