University Of Findlay First To Implement New Technology

The University of Findlay’s College of Health Professions is the first academic program in the United States to incorporate a new augmented reality technology, developed by MediView XR, Inc., in their hands-on Sonography Program curriculum.

MediView logoMediView, an Ohio-based medical technology company partnered with GE Healthcare and Microsoft, works to advance healthcare through intuitive visualization powered by augmented reality, remote collaboration, and evidence-based insights.

According to MediView, these technologies are “intended to synergistically improve medical imaging, clinical efficiencies, patient outcomes, and access to high-quality modern medical services.”

Adam Rakestraw, chairman and co-founder of MediView XR, Inc., explained, “MediView’s technologies allow sonographers to put their screen anywhere they want. There are differentiated ergonomic benefits to the user by putting their screen in their direct line-of-sight with their hands and the patient, and it’s much more intuitive.”

Rakestraw noted that augmented reality is the foundation for this technology. Augmented reality uses computer powered glasses that project images, such as an ultrasound, on a user’s view of the real world while still allowing the user to see and interact with their environment.

This technology is expected to explode into a multi-billion-dollar industry in the coming years and is “being utilized in education and healthcare in ways that are expanding every day,” he said.

University of Findlay President Katherine Fell, Ph.D., stated, “I am delighted with this break-through opportunity for our students in the health professions. The MediView team members are impressive, and we are honored to work with them. We are also thankful for the UF donors who have supported the acquisition of these and other transformative technologies for our students and programs.”

University of Findlay is the first in the United States to incorporate a new augmented reality technology in their Sonography Program.

The University of Findlay has the unique opportunity to be the first higher education institution to obtain this technology. “You’re not going to see this technology in any other sonography, nursing, or physician assistant schools – University of Findlay is the first and we appreciate their partnership on this journey to bring solutions to the bedside that will expand access to care,” said Mina Fahim, MediView CEO and President.

“It’s the University’s commitment to technology that really drew us to establish this partnership. The University of Findlay partnering now with a cutting-edge company like MediView, that’s a global leader in this space, reflects of their commitment to students.”

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