Veterans Service Office ‘Our Veterans, Our Stories’ Campaign

(From the Hancock County Veterans Service Office)

The Hancock County Veterans Service Office is excited to introduce: Our Veterans, Our Stories. A campaign to focus on our veterans and how we can positively impact their lives. We are taking time to highlight the veterans that live and work right here in Hancock County and how we can show them that we appreciate their service. We began this campaign in 2023 with the release of Our Veterans, Our Stories Podcast available on or YouTube channel.

This 2024 campaign focuses on four pillars. The first pillar, to begin in March is to identify and highlight Veteran owned, veteran ran and veteran managed businesses. The next pillar will be to collaborate with local businesses that offer discounts to veterans.

We would like to identify those businesses and their discounts and then recognize and highlight them on our website and social media. The third pillar will be educating and empowering local employers in issues that military veterans face and the talents and skills they bring to our community.

And the final pillar is to provide Veteran welcome home signs at local retail establishments and eateries who would like to offer a reserved parking spot for veterans.

We know our community is veteran friendly and many people want to honor veterans and thank them for their service. Our Veterans, Our Stories provides that opportunity and gives the veteran a chance to share their story. There are many advantages to hiring veterans and we want to highlight the success stories in hopes that more organizations will see the benefits.