Warmer Weather Bringing Out More Motorcycles

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says, as temperatures warm up, they’re seeing more crashes involving motorcycles on Ohio’s roadways.

The Highway Patrol wants to make it clear that everyone needs to be alert because crashes with motorcycles are likely to cause more injuries.

“Motorcycle safety is not solely the responsibility of motorcyclists – it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to be aware there will be an increase of motorcyclists on the roadways during warm weather months,” said Lt. Crow, commander of the Findlay Post.



Over a five-year stretch, the Highway Patrol saw nearly 19,000 motorcycle-related crashes on Ohio highways.

Lt. Crow wants to remind motorcyclists that they need to be properly trained in motorcycle safety, have a motorcycle endorsement, always wear a helmet, and not consume alcohol or drugs when operating a motorcycle.

And he’s asking everyone else on the roadways to always pay attention for motorcycles.