Water Customers Have New Way View Bills

(From the City of Findlay)

City of Findlay water customers have a new way to view their bills.

SmartBill, the third party that currently prints City of Findlay Water Bills, has upgraded its electronic platform for viewing utility bills.  

Starting today, City of Findlay customers who have been receiving their bills in their emails will receive an email with the subject line “City of Findlay | SmartPay Works Registration”. The email will come from [email protected].  We want to ensure our customers that this is not a spam email and they should follow the prompts to ensure they continue to receive their bills electronically. 

If there is no response to the first email, another will be sent in 7 days and another in 14 days.

For those who are not currently using the online viewing feature, you can register by going to https://findlayohio.smartpayworks.com and following the prompts for registration.

Please make sure you have a copy of your bill or contact the Utility Billing Department to confirm the way your name is indicated on your water billing account.

Once you confirm the way your name is on the account, continue with the online registration.

The new login page looks like the image below.  Once you enter the details and click “Register”, you will be asked to go to your email to finish the registration.

Please note:  Although the company is identified as ‘Smartpayworks’, this portal is not to make online payments.  Also, this portal will not allow you to see usage other than what is listed on the bill, this feature is specific to viewing your utility bill before it goes to the post office.