We Are Flattening The Curve, Ohio Health Director Says

Ohio’s coronavirus outbreak should peak in mid-May.

That’s what a group of statistical modelers at the Cleveland Clinic told Governor Mike DeWine.

The same group noted that hospitals would need to triple their current capacity to keep the state’s healthcare system from going off the rails.

According to Dr. Amy Acton, the head of the Ohio Department of Health, the Buckeye State could see up to 10,000 new cases per day when the outbreak peaks.

“We are flattening the curve in Ohio,” Acton said.

“Those numbers would have been 50 to 75 percent higher had we not acted a couple of weeks ago.”

People experiencing coronavirus symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, fever of 100.4 or higher and fatigue should call the Blanchard Valley Hospital COVID-19 testing center at 419-423-7890.

For local information and resources people can call the Hancock County Resource Call Center at 419-425-9999.

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