Weather, Technology, And Gas Prices Helping Car Insurance Rates Sky Rocket

03/06/18 – 3:54 P.M.

Car Insurance rates have been going up across the U.S. and Ohio isn’t any different. Co-founder of car insurance comparison site, The Zebra, Joshua Dziabiak was on WFIN to talk about it. He said that there are several reasons rates are going up and one of them is gas prices.

Joshua Dziabiak

Dziabiak added that weather and technology also play a role in the car insurance rates. Technology can provide a distraction to drivers and software in cars is often expensive to repair or replace.

Dziabiak said that insurance rates are going up on 20% on average across the U.S. In Ohio, the rates are going up by 26%. He added that most people end up paying more than they should. He added that you should shop around before deciding to stick with an insurance provider.