Whirlpool Hires 300 More Than Expected Following Expansion Effort

10/9/17 – 1:46 A.M.

Whirlpool is in the middle of Phase 3 of its’ Findlay expansion project. Scott Osborn is a Continuous Improvement Manager for the company and says Whirlpool had to hire employees to staff the new lines faster than they expected…

Audio:Scott Osborn

Osborn says having the extra space allowed the Findlay Whirlpool plant to add another shift. That means the company hired 354 new employees rather than the 50 they planned to hire when they first announced the expansion.

Osborn says that’s a big number, but it wasn’t easy…

Audio:Scott Osborn

Osborn says Whirlpool has done more direct hiring than normal to fill open positions. He added that they are also using social media more to reach a younger generation of potential employees.