WKXA’s Big Dave Becomes A Human Sundae To Benefit Hancock Literacy

A morning radio show host in Findlay got turned into a human sundae for a good cause.

“I’m here, I’m supporting Hancock Literacy, it’s an important thing even if sometimes you have to get chocolate sauce in your cornea!”, said Big Dave of 100.5 WKXA.

Big Dave sat patiently in the parking lot of State Bank as people poured syrup on him, scooped whip cream on him and sprinkles, and one person even put a cherry on top.

“I just want to thank the Big Kahuna and Chris Oaks for not even showing up today, what the heck, they raise all this money for Hancock Literacy and didn’t even show up.”

Chris, of WFIN, and Kahuna, of 106.3 The Fox, didn’t have to be made into a sundae because they had more money raised in their name.

The money raised goes to Hancock Literacy and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Curtis Frisch with Brimley & Frisch Wealth Management also got turned into a human sundae during the sticky event.

“Just another Thursday in radio baby,” said Big Dave as the stickiness was really starting to set in.

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