Woman Injured In Findlay Crash

A woman was injured in a two-vehicle crash in Findlay.

It happened at the intersection of East Main Cross and Osborn Avenue at 11:16 Friday morning.

The Findlay Police Department says Shirley Woods, 84, of Arlington, was driving an SUV south on Osborn Avenue and failed to stop at the stop sign at the East Main Cross intersection.

Her SUV struck an SUV that was traveling west on East Main Cross, that had stopped for the stop sign and then entered the intersection.

The second SUV was struck on the right side and pushed onto its side, with the driver side against the street.

Police say the driver of the second SUV, Melonie Burner, 50, of Findlay, was trapped in the vehicle and had to be removed by firefighters.

Burner was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital.

Police issued the driver of the first SUV, Woods, a citation for failing to stop at the stop sign.