Year In Review: Stantec Lays Out Flood Mitigation Plans

12/19/17 – 5:30 A.M.

We continue our look back at 2017 today, recapping the top stories of the year as suggested by our listeners. No yearly recap is complete without an update on flood mitigation in Hancock County.

2017 saw Stantec Engineering make their suggestions for mitigation projects back in February. It didn’t include a diversion channel like the U.S. Army corps of Engineers’ plans…

Audio:Scott Peyton

Stantec’s Scott Peyton spoke at a February meeting and said their preferred plan would include detention basins near Eagle Creek and Mount Blanchard.

While the detention basins proved controversial in the agriculture community, Stantec’s proposal to widen the river in parts of Findlay met little resistance. Work on that part of the plan starts in 2018.