YMCA Properties Removed From Consideration Of City Demolition Program

The head of the Findlay YMCA addressed Findlay City Council at their Tuesday night meeting.

The YMCA has been purchasing nearby properties in the hope of building a new facility or expanding the current one at 300 East Lincoln Street.

There has been concern about how the Y has gone about acquiring some of the properties and that some were historic in nature.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much it hurt my heart to listen to the comments, accusations, and false information that I’ve heard about the YMCA over the past few weeks,” said YMCA CEO Stephanie Parsons.

“So I want to begin tonight by telling you about the important work your Findlay YMCA does every day in our community.”

Parsons went over many of the things the Y does for the community, such as free meals in a partnership with United Way, scholarships and lifeguard training.

She then asked council to withdraw the Y’s application to use city demolition funds to tear down properties it has purchased on East Hardin Street to make room for a planned new facility.

Parsons said their capital project is in its early stages and will move forward but the Y decided to remove the properties from consideration for demo funds “in an effort not to negatively impact our fellow applicants and stand in the way of progress.”

Council granted Parsons’ request and voted to amend the ordinance to remove the Y’s properties from consideration for the funds.

In March, the YMCA removed a property from its demo list it acquired at 404 East Lincoln Street after learning of its historical significance, and you can read more about that here.

The city council meeting from Tuesday night is below.