You Can Dine In The Dark To Support A Local Organization Helping Blind Children

01/17/18 – 4:45 P.M.

There’s a unique fundraising event coming up to raise money for Lodestar: Guiding Angels for the Blind. Founder Melissa Schroeder explained that Lodestar helps blind children up to age 17.

Melissa Schroeder

The Dine in the Dark event will feature a three-course meal and a blindfold. You will have to eat your meal totally blind. Schroeder said that Dine in the Dark is a fun event but also raises awareness.

Melissa Schroeder

The event is February 17 and tickets are $30 until February 1 where the price goes up to $35. The event will be at the University of Findlay and you can get your tickets at or on their Facebook page.