These four sisters are all expecting to give birth within months of each other


(NEW YORK) — The miracle of life was just quadrupled for this family in northern California.

Haley Andrews, Katie DeAngelis, Amy Gossett and Caroline Toth are four sisters close in age — Andrews and DeAngelis, twins, are 33; Gossett is 32; and Toth is 30. They’re also pregnant at the same time. To make the experience even more special, their due dates are essentially a month apart.

The four simultaneous pregnancies were a surprise to even the sisters.

“Being able to find out that my three sisters were also pregnant was just beyond any dream I could have imagined,” Toth said Good Morning America.

The announcement and journey was made all the more memorable because they’re going through it together.

“It’s nice to have somebody who’s going through it at the exact same time,” Andrews said. “We kind of swap experiences just like, ‘Oh, are you feeling like this today? Has that started yet?’ And it’s been really great.”

“It’s just been really neat to walk this journey together,” Toth said. “We all talk pretty much every single day, talking about different symptoms and what everyone is experiencing.”

Constant contact with each other is not a new concept for the sisters, who are all extremely close. Growing up, the sisters would often see their relatives and formed bonds not only with each other, but with their cousins as well.

“Your cousins and your siblings are your best friends. You unite on a whole different level,” Gossett said.

The four newborns will grow up in the same environment their parents did, with a big, tight-knit family around them.

“They’ll all have each other, which is a big blessing,” Gossett added.

The sisters’ parents, Beth and Ted Gaines, a former California state senator, are thrilled and looking forward to having all of their grandchildren together soon.

They’re also no strangers to having a big family to manage. They have a total of six children and already have three grandchildren. Once the four newborns have all arrived, they’ll have a total of seven grandchildren.

“Them being pregnant together has really just been wonderful,” Beth Gaines said. “Two of them — the twins — have never been pregnant before. So it’s really fun watching their relationships blossom.”

She and her husband have already started shopping for their incoming family members and have purchased a large swing set, toys and cribs.

With so many family members in the mix, get-togethers occur on a frequent basis.

“It’s a pretty traditional family,” Gossett said. “We all spend Christmas together. We all spend Thanksgiving together. Every birthday is celebrated together.”

The first of the four sisters to give birth, DeAngelis, did so earlier this month, and now the rest of the family is eagerly awaiting the other newborns which are due in June and July.

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