Tyler Hubbard Got His Kids’ ‘Head Noddin” Approval On ‘Undivided’

Tyler Hubbard co-wrote and sings on Tim McGraw’s latest single, “Undivided,” but before it made its way to Tim it got the approval of Tyler’s three kids under the age of three. He tells us they’re a great litmus test as to whether a song has hit potential, and when he played them “Undivided” their reaction was very positive.

Tyler explains: “Let’s just say a whole lot of head noddin’. It’s fun. “It’s a fun litmus test, because every song I write I take home to the kids, and sometimes they just sit there like a deer in the headlights, and I’m like, ‘Okay. This is uhhh, not a hit. Okay, perfect. Thanks a lot.’ But most of the time they get to movin’. And it’s really funny how they just love it. They just love music.”

“Undivided” sits inside the Top 20 and climbing on the country charts.