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Kroger Wraps Up $6 Million Remodeling Project At Findlay Stores

3/7/16 – 4:56 A.M.

The two Kroger stores in Findlay have finished a nearly $6 million remodelling project. The company says it spent nearly $4 million on the Tiffin Avenue store alone, adding a Starbucks, a cheese shop, and fresh sushi. New flooring was installed and fixtures were also updated during the project that started last September.

The floral department was relocated in the Sixth Street store, and several cases were updated.

Open house events will take place from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. at both locations this Friday. The events will include entertainment for children, prizes, and product samples.

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Race For The White House – The Democratic Nomination

3/7/2016 – 4:05 am

This week we will look at the Democratic and Republican race for President of the United States. Today we feature the Democratic Race.

Next week Ohio Democrats will go to the polls to vote on either Secretary Hilliary Clinton or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democrat nomination. Dr. Perry Bush, Professor of History at Bluffton University says that when it comes to experience and qualifications for President, Democrats have not seen a candidate like Hillary Clinton in a long time.

Audio: Dr. Perry Bush

But in her time, Secretary Clinton has also had a great deal of issues to deal with. A senate investigation into her conduct as Secretary of State, as well as an ongoing FBI investigation to name a couple, and one of the ways that Senator Sanders has been able to gain slight traction amongst Democrats, particularly young people according to Dr. Bush, is by talking about core issues that appeal to Democrats nationwide.

Audio: Dr. Perry Bush

Tomorrow we will take a look at the Republican race for President. To listen to the complete interview with Dr. Bush, visit our Soundcloud Page below.

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Monday Interview – Putnam County Opiate/Heroin Addiction Meeting Tonight

3/7/2016 – 10:46 am

Tonight in Putnam County a townhall meeting will be held to talk about the ongoing opiate and heroin addiction issues that are affecting Putnam County residents. Columbus Grove Police Chief Nick Gilgenbach says that the town hall will feature a panel which will include members of law enforcement, court officers and judges, and also people who have been affected by addiction in their lives. Among them is a man named Brian who spoke in several Putnam County schools about his addiction to opiates at a young age.

Audio: Chief Nick Gilgenbach

Chief Gilgenbach said that there are many in communities who believe that opiate and heroin addiction is something that is a problem in the larger cities, but the truth is that it is affecting communities of all sizes all across the country.

Audio: Chief Nick Gilgenbach

Chief Gilgenbach encouraged people to watch a video from the Ohio Attorney General’s office on a personal story of addiction. The town hall will be held this evening at the Putnam County ESC at 124 Putnam Parkway in Ottawa. Doors will open at 5pm and the meeting will begin at 6pm. It is free and open to the public. For the complete interview with Chief Gilgenbach, visit our Soundcloud Page below.

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Republican Central Committee Candidates Feature At First Friday

3/5/2016 – 12:02pm

Two candidates in the running for the State Central Republican Committee from Senate District 1 were featured at the First Friday Luncheon Friday afternoon. Cheryl Blakely is seeking the seat and she said that it was her goal to bring back conservatives who no longer support Republican candidates.

Audio: Cheryl Blakely

Cheryl Buckland is also seeking the seat and she said that it was her goal to unite all conservative thinkers together in spite of their specific differences.

Audio: Cheryl Buckland

Republican voters will decide between both candidates when they go to the polls to vote on March 15th.

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Naloxone Made Available To Fight Drug Addiction

3/4/2016 – 3:15 pm

Legislation passed last year will help in the fight against drug addiction in Ohio. Representative Robert Sprague says that House Bill 4, which was signed into law last June makes the drug Naloxone available from any local pharmacist in Ohio.

Audio: Robert Sprague

Sprague noted that making Naloxone available in every community was a response to the growing sentiment to address drug and addiction issues in local communities. He cited the success of Findlay recovery programs and the Hancock County Drug Court as other examples of community efforts.

Audio: Robert Sprague

Next Tuesday night, a seminar on Naloxone, how it’s used and how it’s distributed will be held at the University of Findlay. The seminar will be from 6pm-8pm at the AMU on the University campus.

Click Here For More Information About The Seminar

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Local Law Enforcement Concerned With Distracted Driving

3/4/16 – 12:06 P.M.

Two fatal crashes in Hancock County in February involved teenagers. While distracted driving hasn’t been ruled the cause in either case, authorities aren’t taking any chances. Deputy Tim Saltzman from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says people need to know just how distracting a text message can be…

Audio: Tim Saltzman

Saltzman and State Patrol Lt. Matt Crow are encouraging parents to talk to their kids about distracted driving. Saltzman says AAA has plenty of videos online about the subject.

Saltzman adds you should say something to someone you know is driving distracted…

Audio: Tim Saltzman

Saltzman and State Patrol Lt. Matt Crow say they are constant talking to teens about distracted driving, but many people simply don’t think anything bad will happen to them if they text and drive.

Saltzman and Crow also stressed that it’s not just cell phones that cause distractions. Other passengers and even drivers adjusting their makeup can lose track of the road, sometimes with deadly consequences.

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Opiate/Heroin Addiction Meeting Planned For Putnam County Next Monday

3/4/2016 – 10:19 am

In an effort to address the opiate and heroin epidemic in Putnam County, a town hall meeting is planned for next Monday night. A panel will be available to talk about state and local resources that are available to residents and communities as well as a discussion as to how law enforcement has to deal with addiction. Additionally, people who are in recovery and those who are affected by addiction in their own lives will discuss their stories.

Municipal Court Judge Chad Niese, as well as Todd Schroeder from the Putnam County Prosecutors Office will be on hand as well. The program is expected to last around 90 minutes. It will take place at the Putnam County ESC at 124 Putnam Parkway in Ottawa Monday March 7th at 6pm. The program is free and open to the public.

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Concealed Carry Permits Increase In Area

3/4/16 – 6:41 A.M.

More people have concealed carry permits in the area than ever before. The Review-Times reports Hancock, Seneca, and Wood Counties all report an increase in permits issued since 2009. In Hancock County 509 licenses were issued in 2015. 270 licenses were renewed and nine were suspended last year. There’s been a 13.8% increase in concealed carry permits issued in the county since 2009.

Seneca County had 206 licenses issued, 143 licenses renewed and three licenses suspended. Wood County had 1,291 licenses issued, 651 licenses renewed, 23 licenses suspended and one revoked.

MORE: Review-Times

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Downtown Ottawa Business Owners Form New Group

3/4/16 – 5:28 A.M.

Downtown Ottawa business owners are looking at more ways to work together. The Putnam County Sentinel reports the first meeting of the Downtown Ottawa Business Community took place last week. The group discussed different things they can do to help each other out. One suggestion was a “quick call” list, so they can quickly alert each other to issues like counterfeit bills in the community.

The group is also talking about ways to make the downtown area look better. Murals could be painted on the sides of two buildings to help that effort.

There was also discussion about having more events in downtown, to bring potential customers to the area.

The group will meet again on March 24 at the Schnipke Inn at 7:30 a.m.

MORE: Putnam County Sentinel

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Putnam County Buildings Damaged By High Winds Last Month

3/4/16 – 5:19 A.M.

The high winds that moved through the area on February 19 did more than $200,000 worth of damage to buildings owned by Putnam County. WLIO-TV reports the damage was done at the Putnam County Jail, the probation office across from the courthouse, and the former Putnam Acres building. Vinyl roofing was ripped away from the roofs of the faiclities.

The buildings are insured, which means the county will only be on the hook for $2,500 to cover the cost of repairs.


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