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Teenager Severely Burned In Bluffton House Fire

11/19/14 – 9:58 A.M.

A teenager suffered burns in a Bluffton house fire Tuesday. The Bluffton Police Department reports firefighters were called to the 100 block of West Riley Street around 8:15 p.m. Four people were at home at the time. 19-year-old Gage Waxler was asleep in the bedroom where the flames started. He alerted everyone else in the house about the fire and tried to extinguish it before being overcome by the heat and smoke.

Waxler suffered burns to his lower extremities, neck and chest. He was taken to a Lima hospital before being flown to the Ohio State Medical Center in Columbus for treatment of severe burns.

An investigation revealed the fire was accidental, and is being blamed on burning a candle too close to flammable materials.

The Allen County Red Cross is assisting the family.

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Fostoria Makes Adjustments To Utility Rates

11/19/14 – 5:04 A.M.

Fostoria water and sewer customers will see some changes in their bills starting in 2015. The Courier reports city council approved measures to make adjustments to the sewer rates for the next two years. Starting January 1 there will be a fixed cost added to every water bill. The new rates will also include a system fee, a distribution fee, and a unit cost.

Fostoria officials say the new rate structure will help them meet operational and maintenance costs for running the water and sewer system. The extra revenue will be used to fund projects mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

MORE: The Courier

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Fostoria Looks To Upgrade Street Signs

11/19/14 – 4:50 A.M.

Fostoria officials are looking at upgrading street signs in the city. The Review-Times reports Councilman Jon Hay has expressed concern about the condition of some signs, especially in high traffic areas. However, the task won’t be easy. Mayor Eric Keckler says the budget for that work is limited as it comes from license fees.

There might be some hope on catching up though. Keckler tells the newspaper he’s begun an inventory of signs that need to be replaced. The city will look for public safety grant money to help pay for replacement costs.

MORE: Review Times

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Findlay Income Tax Revenue Drops More Than 16 Percent in October

11/18/14     11:02 p.m.

City of Findlay income tax revenue was down more than 16 percent in the month of October. City auditor Jim Staschiak said they were expecting a drop, but not quite that much.

Audio: Jim Staschiak

Staschiack said that 16 percent equates to about $1 million to $1.5 million, mostly from the light manufacturing and medical industries plus a few others. Thankfully this won’t have much of an effect on the city’s budget.
Staschiak said thanks to a large amount of cash reserves, the city will be able to make up for the loss.
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Agricultural Community Still Disagrees with Diversion Channel, Levee

11/18/14     4:45 p.m.

The agricultural community was not shy about sharing their feelings on the Army Corps of Engineers’ flood mitigation plan at last week’s press conference. Hancock County Farm Bureau President Gary Wilson said essentially the farmers won’t support a plan that will disturb farm land.

Audio: Gary Wilson

Wilson said the diversion channel that would run west of Findlay would take about 300 acres of farmland and the levee east of town would be just as disruptive. Wilson said the farmers believe aggressively cleaning and maintaining the river would alleviate most if not all of the problem.

Audio: Gary Wilson

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Cockroaches Found in a Findlay High School Bathroom Monday

11/18/14     3:27 p.m.

Findlay High School is facing a potential pest problem. Cockroaches were found in an upstairs bathroom sink at the school on Monday.

Superintendent Ed Kurt said the incident was reported to school staff members Monday morning. The area was treated immediately by school personnel. Exterminators came after school to treat the bathroom and inspect the building.

Kurt said this is the first time he’s known of an incident like this since taking over as superintendent this school year and the school is being “very proactive” in addressing the situation.

He said the school is planning further inspection and treatment by an exterminator during Thanksgiving break.

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Arbitrator’s Reinstation Ruling Overturned, Former Sergeant Hill Still Fired

11/18/14     3:05 p.m.

A Cuyahoga County judge has overruled an arbitrator who said former Findlay Police sergeant Dave Hill should be reinstated.

Hill was fired in 2012 after placing a loaded gun in his mouth and insulting a female officer by combining her name with a term for a prostitute. In August of 2013, an arbitrator ruled Hill should be reinstated to his full rank without back pay.

However, Judge Steven Gall ruled last week that Hill should remain fired, saying the arbitrator said the discipline system should be applied but didn’t apply it to the case himself.

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Cold And Wind Make Salt Ineffective Against Ice On Roads

11/18/14 – 10:49 A.M.

An early blast of winter weather has Hancock County plow crews hard at work. You may have noticed they aren’t using salt on the roads today. County Engineer Chris Long says the temperature has a lot to do with that…

Audio: Chris Long

Long says the wind would simply blow the salt off the road right now. With salt prices at a premium, Long says they don’t want to waste any of their ice fighting resources.

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Director Named For Marathon Center for the Performing Arts

11/18/19 – 10:39 A.M.

The Marathon Center for the Performing Arts officially has a director. Jim Kreutzberg was named to the role today. Kreutzberg has 40 years of experience in the arts and more than 15 years of experience as the executive director of other regional arts centers. Performing Arts chairman Ed Reading said, “His management experience and passion for the arts make him an excellent fit for this role. All of us on the board are looking forward to his leadership in shaping the future of the Marathon Center.” Kreutzberg most recently served as the executive director at Cache Valley Center for the Arts in Logan, Utah.

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Findlay Man Accused Of Murdering Son Wants Body Exhumed

11/18/14 – 10:29 A.M.

A Findlay man accused of killing his young son is asking the body be exhumed for further examination. The Courier’s Ryan Dunn explains…

Audio: Ryan Dunn

Jerrod Hartman is scheduled for a pretrial hearing Wednesday morning. There’s no word on if the request will be ruled on then. Hartman has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the case.

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