Appropriations Committee Learns About Piping Project From One Energy

08/30/17 – 12:09 A.M.

Findlay City Councils appropriations committee heard from One Energy about paying for a pipe project. Findlay Service Director Brian Thomas said that the city’s engineering departmentasked them to use larger sanitary and water pipes.

Brian Thomas

The company only needs 8 inch pipes but they are installing 12 inch pipes. One Energy wants city council to help pay for some of the additional costs of getting the lines in place. Work has already been started so Thomas said that it would be preferred if a decision was made quickly.

Thomas added that council doesnt have anything against the project but wants some questions answered before they offer any money.

Brian Thomas

He added that they hope other companies that could benefit from the larger lines will help share the cost. The committee went ahead and approved the plan so that legislation can be written and put before council. The information should be gathered before councils meeting next Tuesday.