“The Boot” Installed In Cory-Rawson Classrooms

8/30/17 – 5:17 A.M.

The first “Boot” classroom protection device is in operation in Hancock County. Workers installed the emergency door blocking mechanism in classrooms in the Cory-Rawson school district. Superintendent Robert Hlasko tells the Courier after some initial apprehension, he is happy to have the device in place…

Audio:Robert Hlasko

Sheriff Mike Heldman says the idea is to install one of the steel door–blocking devices in every classroom in the county…

Audio:Mike Heldman

Heldman says they still need around $150,000 to finish funding the project.

The Boot has two steel pegs that slide into holes in the floor just behind a door. It makes it impossible for an intruder to enter a classroom.

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