Blanchard River Benching Project Has Groundbreaking Ceremony As Work Gets Underway

10/04/18 – 2:08 P.M.

Findlay and Hancock County had an exciting day today when it comes to flood mitigation. The Blanchard River Benching project had its groundbreaking. Stantec project manager Derek Dalton explained that this will bring major changes to the river.

Derek Dalton

Dalton said that aside from lowering the 100-year flood by a full foot, this will allow people to use the river for fishing and kayaking. It will also return the river to a more natural state.

Both Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik and Hancock County Commissioner Brian Robertson attended the event as well. Robertson said that it has been a long road but that he’s glad something is finally being done.

Brian Robertson

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik expressed the same excitement about having a project. She added that this won’t be the last though.

Lydia Mihalik

The project is estimated to be completed next September.