Democrats Running For State And National Offices Stop In Findlay

10/04/18 – 6:43 P.M.

Several Democratic candidates were in Findlay Thursday to talk about their campaigns. The “People First” Bus Tour featured Congressional candidate Michael Galbraith, state senate candidate Adam Papin (pay pin), and local Ohio House of Representatives candidate Mary Harshfield.

Adam Papin said that it is important to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Adam Papin

Michael Galbraith had a similar view saying he wants to have town halls often. This will allow people to voice their opinions and direct him.

Mary Harshfield agreed that there need to be more voices in politics but added that there needs to be less money. She said that she is running a $0 budget campaign to go up against Cross.

Harshfield said that she wanted to do this to show that money can stay out of politics. She added that she won’t owe anything to anyone if she gets elected and she can focus on listening to what the people want.