Blanchard Valley Center Achieves 3-Year Accreditation

Blanchard Valley Center (Hancock County Board of Developmental Disabilities) is happy to share that they’ve earned another 3-year accreditation from the state.

The accreditation process is an evaluation of county board operations.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities conducts a review once every three years to determine compliance with state laws.

The accreditation team reviews the boards policies and procedures including how well they provide support to people in Hancock County with developmental disabilities.

“We are very pleased with the results as it shows our hard work and dedication to the profession – but most importantly to the people we support day in and day out, ” said Nadine Weininger.



Nadine added that Hancock County is resource-rich and they are fortunate to be one of the many resources available, empowering people with developmental disabilities to live lives with meaning and purpose.

Blanchard Valley Center serves people with developmental disabilities from birth through their entire life.

Blanchard Valley Center is located at 1700 East Sandusky Street in Findlay.