Bluffton Marking 90th Anniversary Of Dillinger Bank Robbery

(From Bluffton Historian Fred Steiner)

A Bluffton history day, recalling the 90th anniversary of the Dillinger bank robbery will take place in Bluffton on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Sponsored by Bluffton Forever and the Bluffton Icon, several events will take place downtown, with the complete activity schedule released later this month.

On Aug. 12, Fred Steiner will present a detailed account of the 1933 robbery at 11 a.m. and noon at the corner of Main and Cherry, where it took place. He will also give the account at 3 p.m. on Vine Street at Greenhorn Restaurant.

A 90th anniversary edition of the booklet “Four Guys Walk Into A Bluffton Bank…and the rest is Bluffton oral history,” will be available for sale during these presentations.

“Additional events are in the planning stages,” said Steiner. “These will provide activities for persons of all ages to explore Bluffton history.”

In August, 1933, John Dillinger and gang members held up the Citizens National Bank taking $2,100. The FBI called Dillinger Public Enemy Number 1, giving Bluffton its 20th century 15 minutes of fame. That fame continues in its ninth as the robbery placed Bluffton forever in the Dillinger legend.

(Picture provided by Fred Steiner) The Main Street Bluffton panoramic view shows where the known bullets were fired during the Dillinger robbery.  This view also shows where people were standing on the street at the time of the robbery.